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How We Work

We think that every project is unique, so let’s have a coffe and let’s start from the beginning.

Our Modus Operandi is founded basically on a “person to person” costant relation, from concept to the final release. From the beginning to the end of the project you will have a representative person that will describe you the currents status of the work.

At first we will have a meeting where we will talk about the project, basically we want to know everything about your needs, your customers, your world.

As we validate the objectives with you, we set our Goals in order to precisely define your needs.

After an accurate evaluation, we start thinking, analyzing and defining the leading ideas. After your approval we define the main structure of the project, then we create an accurate gantt and the first contents.

Subsequentely we give life to the project with a defined prototype, in parallel with your validation and your approvals.

Got to this step, we are in the production area, where we made the technical realization, from graphic design to coding, from development to contents. This is a very important step, and we will have a constant relation with you about the stato dell’arte (the current progress of the work).

After the final approvals and all the testing needed, we release you the product. In case of a communication strategy we launch your campaign, in case of a graphic design project we send you the artworks, in case of a web project we will launch your web site or your cms online. We remain at your disposal for any questions and for any need, and we analyze the evolution of the project steadily.

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